I typically give you the advantage of my experience and conduct my assessments via telephone but here are some Sample Assessment Questions. These questions comprise what the care industry calls an assessment. A valid and accurate assessment will enable the Elder to continue to have a life with dignity, self respect and with as many choices as possible.

What is going on with the Elder that initiated this search for a change of living arrangement?
How does the Elder feel about making a change in living arrangements?
What sort of health care needs does the Elder have at this time?
What are the activities the Elder enjoys at this time?
What about any memory loss and how that has effected the Elder and Family?
Does the Elder need assistance with adult daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming?

Why it is so important to find the right placement for your elder the first time?
The process of sorting through alternative care and housing options can be very time consuming. I often see situations in which the caretaker has opted for the first housing alternative that even looks close to what they really want or is simply the closest to where they live, they often simply do not have the time to conduct a complete search and comparative analysis. For those who do take the time it is not uncommon to have a caretaker spend months researching the various alternatives before making their choice.
The choice of the first placement is very important. First, because it will set the tone for your Elder in terms of how they adjust to their new alternate living arrangements. Secondly, it is very expensive to conduct another search if the first placement does not work for you or your Elder. Third it can be expensive to pay for the moves. Finally and perhaps most importantly, a move can be painful or even traumatic for the Elder who has established social bonds in the assisted living home.

I have seen situations where an Elder has not made the transition to his or her new living arrangement. A common symptom can be loss of appetite for food and sometimes even for life itself. Loss of appetite in an Elder can quickly move the Elder down the physical wellness ladder to the point where hospitalization may be required.

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